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Ancestral Alter Bundle


The Ancestral Altar + Veneration Kit serves as a toolkit for you to remember, offer gratitude, welcome guidance and accept protection from those true, beautiful, light filled members from your family lines.

Your ancestral altar is a tool used to help alter and expand your state of consciousness; to raise your vibes and tap in to the next best step of your journey. It serves as a point of access, signaling to your ancestors that you acknowledge the indelible mark they've made and that you welcome them to assist you in creating your own unique legacy.

Your altar serves as a sacred space with the purpose of honoring  and communicating with those who came before you and have passed on. It is very important to note, however, that YOU are a true living altar- worthy of the utmost respect and care. You are the expression of centuries of love and creativity. So in the same way that you will care for your ancestral altar, please always acknowledge and care for the sacredness that dwells within. 


  • 1 reusable deluxe gift box adorned with a beautiful satin ribbon
  • 1 5” Mugwort smoke wand infused with frankincense, myrrh and Copal resins and adorned with a bouquet of fragrant dried roses, lavender and ammobium
  • 1 high vibrational rose quartz crystal candle holder with tealight candle
  • 1 high vibrational fuchsite stone 
  •  1 high vibrational selenite palm stone
  •  1 high vibrational floral essence made with immortelle flower, roses, sweetgrass and sage
  • "Honoring the Ancestors" Ebook

Optional Add-on:

    •  1 hand carved wooden incense holder
    •  1 set of copal + plumeria incense (featuring euphoric notes of pimento, orchid and rich resinous woods)




MUGWORT + RESINS WAND: Believed to ward off negative energy, call in ancestral wisdom and welcome divine protection.  The roses in the bouquet raise the vibe of any space, the lavender infused tranquility and the ammobium (aka "winged everlasting" )pays homage to the ancestors.
ROSE QUARTZ CANDLE HOLDER: Rose quartz assists in connection with ancestral healing helpers and spirit guides.
FUCHSITE CRYSTAL: Symbolizes spiritual connection with nature, heightened intuition and inspiration.
SELENITE CRYSTAL: Purifies the space and welcomes amplified energetics of protection.  
SWEET GUIDES FLOWER ESSENCE: Spray this handmade floral essence to clear the energy, consecrate your altar and brighten your space.
BUILDING YOUR ANCESTRAL ALTAR EBOOK: This 20 page ebook explores the meaning behind an ancestral altar, offers an ancestral protection prayer, altar building and maintenance tips plus more. 


Your kit will feature sustainably harvested and richly fragrant, mountain sage wand. Please note that although the mixture of mountain sage, frankincense and dried florals lightens the energy of your space and smells amazing, the scent can be strong. Make sure to keep a window or two open during your ritual.

Each smoke cleansing kit is packaged with recycled materials and charged with loving intention by a Certified Usui Reiki Master Practitioner. Like all of us humans, you can expect some flaws. Everything in our Kit comes from nature where small imperfections signify life, authenticity, and survival.

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